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Today my lovely blog friend (and April’s featured sponsor!) Kam from Campfire Chic is sharing about her newest resource, Three Sixty-Five. It is a PDF resource with over 365 prompts for journaling, scrapbooking, and blogging. Kam sent one over to me and I can vouch that it awesome and inspiring! I think I will be using some of the prompts for future blog posts! 

And here is more about Kam and 365!

Tell me a bit about yourself?

My name is Kam and I am a 26-year-old cubicle-dweller living in Southern California with my boyfriend/partner of 5 years and our recently adopted cat, Rintu. I enjoy scrapbooking, camping, building my container garden, and making lists of all the things I would like to do. I’m a jeans and tank top kind of gal who spends way too much time attached to my phone.

What’s Campfire Chic all about?

Campfire Chic is a lifestyle blog with a strong focus on social media, organization, and adventure. I feel like Campfire Chic readers are looking for posts about blogging, selling online, and new apps for their phones rather than what I wore (which is probably the same thing I wore the day before). I enjoy camping and hiking and share my hiking posts and visits to National Parks whenever I get the chance. I recently started Project Life, a memory keeping challenge/plan, to document my 26th year and it is really helping me bring back the ‘craft’ intothe tale of the crafty camper.

Who is 365 best suited for?

The 365: Ideas for Blog Posts, Scrapbook Layouts & Art Journal Entries is a basic resource that is geared toward those who are looking for a way to jumpstart a brainstorming session for their next mini album, art journal, or blog post. There are 20 different chapters that cover a range of topics from your hometown, to how you spend your time, and what you do in certain situations. You can purchase 365 for a mere $5 here.

What are 1 or 2 prompt examples and what ways have YOU used them?

One of the chapters is titled ‘In My Bag’, which may seem pretty one dimensional, but there are some ideas of how to go beyond your purse! For example, I’ve post what is in my bag when I go to the beach and when I go hiking!

One chapter that is more geared toward bloggers is about reader participation. What better way to get your readers to leave comments than to ask for help? I recently asked for help with figuring out iced tea (which sounds dumb, but it’s true!) and another time I needed help picking out a headband.

 What’s the best piece of wisdom you have heard recently?

“Done is better than perfect” Which sounds awful, but I’m the type to hold onto something and attempt to perfect it before submitting it. 365 is my best example of following these words of wisdom. I kept it simple, didn’t over think the formatting, there are two fonts, no design, and I published it about 5 minutes after having somebody read though it for clarity. I could still be sitting on this simple resource…but done is better than perfect.

 Once again, you can purchase Three Sixty-Five right here!

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