Kara’s Love List No. 3

+ I always love to look at vintage packaging and these vintage cigarette packages from The Dieline are no exception.

+ If you don’t follow , you’re really missing out on adding some serious happy to your Facebook page. I am obsessed with this photo and “interview” he did last week.

+ Never knew I need $168 pendant lamps in my life, but I guess I do.

+ Speaking of over-priced perfection, CAN WE TALK about this dress? It’s 84% off! Gotta get it!

+ I am replacing my hella slow iPhone when the next one comes out next month and this iPhone case might be what I need to dress it up.


I thought this list of 5 things to pay for on the internet by Amie was a great. I especially agree with a nicely designed blog or website!

+ These double exposure Diana F camera photos from Savady Photography are beautiful. Makes me want to bust out my Holga.

+ This pretty floral ampersand print from Alexa Z design is darling.

+ You can sign up for Kam’s newsletter and get a copy of her SEO for Creatives e-book. It has some great tips that I’ve utilized myself!

+ These pressed flowers from Flies in a Peach Can are gorgeous.

+ Kelly Ann redesigned her blog and it’s hella pretty.

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