What camera do you use and how do you get your photos to look the way they do?

I currently shoot with a Canon 50d, the 50mm f 1.4 lens, and Tiffen UV filter. Photos taken prior to July 2010 were taken with a Nikon d40 and it’s kit lens. My film camera is a Canon 10S. I bought all my equipment from B&H Photo Video and I highly recommend them.

I edit all of my photos with Adobe Photoshop CS4 on a Macbook Pro.  I use Camera Raw to do basic color and exposure corrections. Here are two videos by Adobe that explain Camera Raw well: Developing Raw Photographs and Making Local Adjustments in Camera Raw.

Almost every one of my photos are edited with Totally Rad Actions. I play around with opacities until I get a look I want. They’re a great investment. This post explains a little bit more of my Camera Raw + Actions process. I also really like a few curves by . Recently, I’ve been editing solely in Lightroom 4 with the VSCO Film 01 film pack.

I shoot in Manual settings 99% of the time. I created a online course called The M. If you’re interested in a closer look into my Photoshop process or just want to learn how to use Manual settings, The M is a fabulous resource for bloggers and online shop owners who want to raise the quality of their photography!


Who takes your photos?

I do. If I’m in the photo, it’s probably my roommate Stephanie taking the photos.

How did you get your blog to look like that?

I used self-hosted WordPress and the the Thesis Theme for WordPress.

What inspires you?

Emotional breakdowns. Weird movies. Coffee at three o’clock in the morning.  Long emails. Books that leave you with more questions than answers. This. Emo song lyrics, failure, and Sonic happy hour.

I want to start art journaling, but don’t know how to start. Any tips?

Buy some pens, collect some paper, buy a few cheap old record covers, pick one word (like peace, seek, yesterday) and start writing. Play with the paper. You might not like your first pages, but keep going anyway.

I would recommend taking one of my classes also! Life Story would be perfect for a beginner or This & That is jam-packed with ideas for scrapbooks and individual art journal pages.


Do you have advice on blogging?

Practice your medium of blogging. Whether that be art or writing (or both!), work at it. It takes years to cultivate your voice and style. Make content that you enjoy making. If you have a choice to use regurgitate content you’ve seen before or create your own completely new content, always go with your own content.  And most importantly, just live a life and go on adventures worth creating and writing about. I wrote about blogging a little bit in this post!

If you have more questions, feel free to drop me an email at [email protected] or ask them in the comments.