Emerging Thoughts

Emerging Thoughts

We headed up to the rainy rooftop again to snap some photos of this great dress from IJME advertiser, Emerging Thoughts and the greatest temporary tattoos of all time. We’ve had a really mild summer thankfully in Portland, but still sunny and in the 80s. Yesterday was the first rainy day in a quite awhile and, man, I missed it. I really love the rain and it’s one of my favorite things about Portland.

I am excited for school to start next week and for more rainy days, but I am going to miss the summer. I’m not sure I’m ready to don tights with dresses yet.

Emerging Thoughts

Outfits details: Dress by Dear Creatures from Emerging Thoughts and shoes are thrifted.

Emerging Thoughts


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Kara’s Love List No. 3

+ I always love to look at vintage packaging and these vintage cigarette packages from The Dieline are no exception.

+ If you don’t follow , you’re really missing out on adding some serious happy to your Facebook page. I am obsessed with this photo and “interview” he did last week.

+ Never knew I need $168 pendant lamps in my life, but I guess I do.

+ Speaking of over-priced perfection, CAN WE TALK about this dress? It’s 84% off! Gotta get it!

+ I am replacing my hella slow iPhone when the next one comes out next month and this iPhone case might be what I need to dress it up.


I thought this list of 5 things to pay for on the internet by Amie was a great. I especially agree with a nicely designed blog or website!

+ These double exposure Diana F camera photos from Savady Photography are beautiful. Makes me want to bust out my Holga.

+ This pretty floral ampersand print from Alexa Z design is darling.

+ You can sign up for Kam’s newsletter and get a copy of her SEO for Creatives e-book. It has some great tips that I’ve utilized myself!

+ These pressed flowers from Flies in a Peach Can are gorgeous.

+ Kelly Ann redesigned her blog and it’s hella pretty.

Advertise on IJME for September or beyond.

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Be Kind Free Desktop and iPhone Wallpaper


2560×1440 // 1680×1050 // 1440×900 // 1280×800 // iPad // iPhone // iPhone 5

Aaaand. Sharing the free August download three weeks later. Ha! I feel like I’ve been reminding myself a lot lately to respond to mean people with kindness. Which would be a lot easier if everyone weren’t so rude. Insightful, huh? What’s something you have to remind yourself of often?

To use, click on above links and save to your computer or device. Find more downloads here.

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Visual Interview: Lesley Kerr

Visual Interviews are a project where I visually “interview” artists and musicians — long-distance via disposable cameras, scanned ephemera, and select quotes. See more here. 

Lesley Kerr

Lesley Kerr

Lesley Kerr

Lesley Kerr is a photographer and a delightful human being. You can find Lesley’s work on her website or blog. Additionally, you can follow along on . 

Read more: Kelsie McNair Visual Interview or Ashley Brooke Toussant Visual Interview.


An Album or Two

Album or Two

Here are two new albums to get through this Wednesday work day. Find more here – An Album or Two

Valerie June // Pushin’ Against A Stone

I just discovered Valerie June recently and been wondering where I’ve been all my life without her twangy soul sound. Below is a sampler of my favorites on this album.

Listen to Pushin’ Against A Stone on . Or purchase Pushin’ Against A Stone on Valerie June’s website or on . 

Wye Oak // Civilian

I listened to this album a lot at the beginning of this year and reminds me of long nights working on design projects.

Listen to Civilian on . Or purchase Civilian on Wye Oak’s website or on .


Evenings on the Porch


I’ve been in Idaho the last few days to spend time with my family and celebrate my sweet grandpa’s 90th birthday. I intended to prep some blog posts for this week, but didn’t get to it. I needed to focus energies on other things. Such is life. Last Sunday night I spent some time on my parent’s porch, sipping on wine, and just enjoying the evening. My parents have a and I always like to see my mom’s pretty flowers and my dad’s landscaping. Talk soon.





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